Monthly Archives: February 2014

25 Feb

They Help Me More Than You Know

Stocks Just Broke Through To Their Highs Of The Day - http://forex ...I recently came across this money making method called penny stock. There wasn’t a lot out there, but the penny stock egghead reviews helped me to decide what I wanted to invest in. I just threw a few hundred onto my account to see what I could make of it. The first day I invested it all, a few of my investments came back slightly negative, but overal I made about twenty percent profit. In one day I was able to turn it all around, it is quite amazing if you think about it.

25 Feb

Great Service Bundles with Affordable Prices

It is commonly accepted that buying product in bulk results in discounts, whether you are shopping for groceries or school supplies. So does it not make sense that the same thinking would apply to services at your home too? With centurylink internet and phone services, it does exactly that and more, as this company provides some of the best bundle options on the market right now. What more could any customer ask for? Not only do you get the convenience of having all the services setup together and running smoothly at once, but you also get amazing discounts for staying loyal to the company. This may sound too good to be true, but the packages start as low as $19.95 per month with great speeds and unlimited nationwide calling. If you decide that the blazing fast 10 Mbps connection is not enough for your digital world, many areas can upgrade to even higher speeds! Either way, any bundle from this company will be your new gateway to technology and entertainment. Whether you want to play online video games, find new music, or stream videos in full HD quality, this product will deliver an experience unlike any other. Worried that the price is just an introductory gimmick? Thats what the 5-year price lock is all about. Rather than jacking up prices once you have signed up, CenturyLink offers a great guarantee that ensures your prices will be more than an incentive to sign up. Of course even with this offer, the bundles do not require contracts, which means that the service can be ended at any time. Whether you are worried you may not be happy with the performance or just not sure if you will always want broadband service, it provides an excellent way to try the service without committing fully.

24 Feb

Settling into the New Job

Just got to my new place of work yesterday morning, started getting used to the new job. I am really curious as to what is up with the girl they gave me for a secretary, she seems way too good to be true and it seems as though some other executive would have snagged her and held onto her. She was helping with my personal stuff in fact, like helping with the website where I need to sign up for Internet service. It is pretty vital in fact for me to get set up for that as soon as possible, because there is just going to be.

20 Feb

Burglary and Home Invasion Got Me Looking for Local Home Security Companies

I read the paper before going to work the other day and saw that there had been another burglary in the neighborhood. I had noticed two police cars in the driveway of a house a block away. I did not know who lived in that house since it was a rental property, and people move in and out a lot. The paper said that it may be the same thief that has been breaking into other homes in the neighborhood. I took some time during my lunch hour to look for a local home security company that could install a monitored alarm system on our home. I was hoping to get fire and burglary protection. I also was interested in having a couple of surveillance cameras added. One of the incidents in our neighborhood was actually a home invasion. The crooks broke in while the family was home. They were injured as well as having things stolen. I am afraid for my family, and I worry about our cat and dog while we are gone form the house during the day. I wanted a good home security system to help protect us. There are all kinds of alarm systems out there, but unless they connect to a real person at a monitoring agency, they are about as useful as a car alarm. How many times have you checked out why a car alarm was going off in the store parking lot? Exactly! You need someone who will respond to the alarm and call the police, fire department or emergency medical personnel. This is why a monitored home alarm system is the best option for homeowners. I signed up with a company that provides state-of-the-art alarm equipment and great monitoring service for a low monthly fee. They also had the video surveillance option where I could use my smartphone to see what the cameras were seeing any time I wanted to.

19 Feb

Internet and Phone Service for One Low Price

When I moved into my house a few years ago, I didn’t have any cable, Internet or phone packages. I have a smartphone, and I knew that I would be able to use it if I needed to access anything on the Internet. My finances improved not long ago, and I knew that I was finally ready to get these services. The first thing I wanted to do was find the most affordable internet service, because I knew I would be able to continue using my smartphone if I couldn’t afford to get a landline also. I also wasn’t too worried about getting cable, since I would be able to watch programming on my computer at home once the Internet was hooked up. I was surprised at the number of options that I had just for my Internet connection. I didn’t even know dialup was still available nowadays, but that was even something that was being offered at a really low rate. I knew that I wanted something else though, because I wanted to be able to watch streaming video on my computer without having to wait for it to buffer several times even for one that is just a few minutes in length. I looked at the other options, and I knew as soon as I saw the DSL packages that it was the option I was going to use. The company offering it had a really great deal not only for the Internet pricing but also if I bundled other services with it. Since I had considered getting a home phone also, I knew it was the deal for me. I am not home enough to watch TV a lot anyway, so I decided to just go with these two services. I am still paying less than what I had budgeted just for my Internet service alone!

19 Feb

Moving Let Me Choose to Get Cable Internet

I had only moved down the road about a half mile from where I lived in the country. I did not notice it for the first few days of living there, but right there up on that telephone pole was that big silver wire. The wire is like an aluminum pipe with foam inside and a copper wire running down the middle. It is the main access for the Cable TV company that provides service. It is important because I did not have it where I used to live. I started looking for cable internet providers as soon as I got back in the house. I did not have everything hooked up yet at the new place. Seeing that cable wire was actually a bit of a surprise for me. I thought the cable only came out to the beginning of this road I live on. I had no idea it came halfway, or right to where I live now. Just a few more houses down is where the service ends. I could hardly wait to sign up for cable Internet service. I had been using one of those things you plug into a USB port that connects you to your cellular carrier. It was so awfully slow I barely used it. A few days later the cable guy came out and hooked up the TV service with a DVR and the cable Internet. Wow, is the word that comes to mind. It is so fast. I liked it so much that I bought a new computer and got my first game console. Now I am up at night playing video games against opponents around the world. It is so cool to have such fast Internet service. Unless you are used to the slow stuff, you just have no idea.