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09 Mar

The Paradigm Shift of Our Generation

Sign Up Log InThe Internet has become the reservoir the keeping of old information and the creation of the new. It is both an archive and the generator for content. I have long been fascinated by this relationship of the web and to see it culminate to where it is now is a fascinating moment to witness. With so much data now being made widely available for all to use, someone could just as easily look up obscure, esoteric Japanese pop culture as they could an electric company in hutto, Texas. Truly, this is a wonder of the world. No one thing that human kind has ever created has been able to offer all people so much hope, so much potential, so much raw information that we can utilize within the context of our lives however we might wish. Something like this is beyond value – can you imagine how much an individual would have to pay an educational institution for access to some of this information that is now freely available?

This capability is going to lead human culture to a new place as we fashion a new way of thinking that is going to slowly emerge with every successive generation that has access to this digital sea of data. It is surely going to change the world for future generations with the same ferocity as it has changed out own. I can remember the world of the 90’s when the web was only a handful of a few million users accessing it with little to no actual content to speak of. It was a desolate wasteland of potential where budding communities were beginning to congregate and build upon the substrate of HTML and CSS. Now we have a flourishing garden of content ready to be harvested for whatever ends we may think of.

09 Mar

Forcing Competition Between Our Services

Finding yourself a utility company is easier now than ever before, especially here for those of us who call the Lone Star State their home. You know, as a recent transplant from Indiana, I was rather taken with some of these utility websites that I have come across in my search for an electric company in spring before I even moved here. I was just casually browsing like I usually do and I found a website ( which is one handy tool if I don’t say so myself! From here you can input your address which will harvest some data regarding the utility companies that serve the area as well as, get this, compare prices between those companies for you. Whoa! I was blown away by this innovative approach to an industry that I have long considered to be mundane and behind the times. Not that I demand much from my utility company but this has certainly been a helpful tool for me.

I found it especially helpful because it gave me insights into how I might want to craft my budget before I even moved. To be able to know ahead of time what my potential projected electric bill may cost me gave me just enough information that I could go ahead and input that into the forecast. It’s the little things such as this that make a difference in a customer’s perception as it certainly was enough to impress me! I certainly now believe that this sort of website should be made available across the entire spectrum for every industry, for every utility, as it would no doubt encourage some competition between if they realize that customers are beginning to choose the company who is offering them the lowest price because of that website specifically. This would really help mitigate some of the control that Time Warner and Comcast have.