Monthly Archives: April 2014

19 Apr

Moving out to the Waterfront

I would not have thought about this before, but I found a somewhat odd place to live. It is a barge that has been converted into a home. It is tied up in a very calm little cove in between two docks it barely fits between. The thing is not perfect by any means, but for the price it is quite nice. I need to find some direct tv deals before football season, but that is about the only thing it lacks right now. The internet works just fine now. I already have a wireless internet service and I tested it down there, not a problem. So all I need is to get the TV hooked up to a satellite tv programming source. In fact it has to be direct tv, at least that is what is already there. The dish actually needs to be moved, because it is in the way where it is. That is the best place for laying in the sun, or to be specific it is in the way of two people laying in the sun and I have a girlfriend.

That is what makes this place really perfect. My girlfriend and I are not living together and right now she lives in a rather inconvenient part of town. It is not near either my office or the apartment I am living at. This barge is tied up about fifteen minutes from her place and about five minutes from the office if the traffic is good. Of course the traffic is not usually good at the time I am going to the office or leaving it, but of course that is not going to change no matter where I am driving from. That is about half the time for the trip to Mary’s and a quarter of the time to work.

03 Apr

With Wisdom and Foresight Comes Understanding

What is 5014 16th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY? A mail drop known as Check In ...The day that my grandmother moved into a senior home care in brooklyn ny was the day that I came to understand that no matter what sort of plans or goals we make as we age, life can throw us a curve ball when we least expect it even when we are older. No amount of wisdom or planning is going to allow for a sure proof way to plotting out a course for your life into your golden years. My grandmother remains one of the most intelligent and insightful individuals that I have ever known and yet even she stumbled with her finances after some poor investment choices fell through leaving her with close to nothing but the clothes on her back and the pride in her heart. Helping her find a retirement center to call home will remain a defining moment for me as it truly did awaken me to the uncertainty that lies at the core of our lives. I know so many who have fallen, myself included.

I will do all that I can to ensure that the same will not happen to me. Already I have begun to look at the mistakes she made and how they came about. I look at my parents lives, the choices that they made with their own finances and compare it to both of their own parents. I try to find the success, the failures and the hardships that defined those moments in their lives in order to better understand the possibilities and consequences that I myself may one day face as well. This is wisdom, those lessons learned from the past that remain with us in the present so we might gain insight from them. Not just insight but also foresight. I do think that knowing uncertainty exists allows for the ability to plan for it.