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21 May

Getting the Best Deal on Tv and Internet

DirecTV Genie whole-home DVR reviewI am going to look around the internet and see what I can do to lower the total amount of money that I am spending on the stuff that is possible to dicker about with. Obviously there are a lot of things that are not really negotiable. You can not tell the landlord that you do not want to pay the full rent, or in my case it is the full mortgage payment. I am still getting used to that and I am looking to build back up a reserve. I think maybe I can switch to direct tv and save a good bit of money, at least in the short term. They always give you a good deal on one of those introductory offers, because you are only of use to them if they can get their foot in the door. Then that deal expires and they start trying to hit you up for a lot of costs exactly like the cable company would do to you.

Of course I could probably get the cable company to give me a better deal if I cried to them about their prices and made it look as though I would switch to another competing service. It is the same thing with them, they want to charge you two hundred dollars per month and they will do that if you let them, but they want to keep you on the hook for something. So if you cry a little or scream about the bill and convince them that you are giving them up, then they will sweeten the deal for you to retain your business. It is not like they can jack the prices back up on you if you have left them for a less expensive option. They want the ability to sneak some charge on you later.