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13 Sep

The Necessity of Hiring a Quality Plumber

It seems hard to imagine anyone that does not know what a plumber is or what they do, but most people probably do not put much effort into thinking about the details. The bottom line is that while many people think plumbers are uneducated or unskilled, they are instead high qualified professionals that often work very hard to please their customers. This is, of course, assuming that you are able to find a quality plumber because there are many lesser alternatives out there that will not be so reliable. In fact, finding a proper plumber in Bergen County NJ can be much more complicated than anyone would probably assume.

It starts with pricing of course, as the budget for hiring a plumber can immediately eliminate some options due to financing issues. The key is to find a balance though, because the cheapest option is not necessarily the best. This is both true in terms of just getting quality, reliable service and the overall cost. The bottom line is that if a job is not done right the first time, it will likely incur future costs that can sometimes be even worse than the initial cost.

Beyond basic quality and competency, reliability and availability can also be very big issues. If a plumber has a huge wait time to get service then they will obviously not be suitable for emergency services, but may be adequate for regular maintenance or inspections. Of course reliability is important too because a plumber that overbooks his schedule may run into conflicts if a project ends up taking longer than expected. This can be truly disastrous and often results in subpar work, so sticking with someone that makes sure to focus on each job is important. Overall, the bottom line is that hiring a plumber is an investment so making sure the money is spent right is a key concern.

13 Sep

The Windchill Found in New Jersey

With Winter steadily approaching, it is time to start making a checklist to ensure that your home or apartment or condo is prepared for the onslaught of the cold that is going to show up unexpectedly, as it does every single year. This is why I choose a heating contractor in Hudson County NJ , if there is anyone who knows how to deal with a broken heater it’s these guys. I’ve lived in New Jersey for some time now and even after having lived in Louisville, Kentucky where the weather is pretty wild itself, New Jersey definitely has the more unique weather.

I’ve lived in New York, too and I’ve got to say that Winter’s here in New Jersey are surprisingly worse from what I’ve experienced. While they get less snow fall, I feel like the cold and the wind chill is lower in Jersey compared to where I was staying in Albany. I never would have expected that any one place would have ever been able to rival either Louisville or Albany but after a year here with a winter that saw my heater going out in the first week of its arrival, not to mention a POLAR VORTEX that brought record breaking cold with it – yeah, I am going to be prepared this year.

Hopefully I can actually manage to go through with it. Ia m not the best at designing plans or keeping with schedules. I actually meant to have a technician come out earlier than this to take a look at the system but hey, at least I’m here telling you about it right now so you don’t have to make the same mistake that I am no doubt going to. Keep your house safe this Winter and be careful, they’re seemingly only getting worse with every passing year.

02 Sep

Got a Job Up Here in Wyoming

I just got up here this morning, spent a bit of time looking for some Cody Wyoming real estate. We are going to need a few things. I am looking for a place which is convenient to the highway and is zoned for commercial use, although I am guessing that people up here might not be all that strict about zoning for this sort of thing. We are basically going to need a place where we can safely park our equipment. I will have a large dump truck and a bull dozer on a big low boy. Eventually we will need another dump truck and it is going to require a couple of three and a half ton trucks and heavy duty pick up trucks, with trailers. The boss went and checked out my truck when he hired me. Of course I have a Dodge Ram 3500 with a king cab. Of course the job is not really going to even be that much to do with Wyoming.

The city of Cody is on the Northern and Western corner of the The Niobrara Shale formation. Most of it is in Colorado and Nebraska. It is not so easy to find a place in this area where you can receive the stuff that you need. So this is going to be a shipping address and a place we are going to operate out of. I need to find a place to stay and I figure that the best thing would be to get a nice big house that me and two or three other guys could live in without stepping on one another’s toes too much. Of course that may or may not work out. For the most part these sorts of guys go out and work for two weeks and then go crazy when they are off.