Monthly Archives: February 2015

23 Feb

Profitable Predictions Can Come True

Despite the housing bubble crisis a few years back, real estate is always going to be a lucrative market if you are able to capitalize on good property or chance property with some good timing. Real estate, more often than not, is a business of investment. Property can be held for years as development makes way, allowing for the value of the property to increase steadily. My parents have been investing in property all over the world and only recently have they begun to see profits from their investments in Singapore, especially with the new launch ec that is opening its doors once again to young and wealthy residents who want to experience class and luxury in the Singapore area. The concept of luxury, especially that which is modeled after the Western definition of such, is something of a foreign concept here in Singapore. My parents predicted that Singapore would undergo an economic revolution and planned accordingly. Wealth emulates wealth, it seems.

My parents are quite talented in understanding basic human wants and desires. They are shameless in their leveraging of those wants in the cause of profit, although they would not quite take advantage of anyone, they might use our own perceptions of what is defined as luxury against us. As poorer countries begin to improve their own economic situations, the very idea of what class, luxury and wealth is has been defined by the standard the Western would has set. Those countries will be looking toward the United States and other Western countries as their examples. They will model systems and standards of luxury after these countries. This is exactly what my parents had expected to happen when they began to build these luxury properties in Asian and so far they have been proven right with their theory.

07 Feb

It’s Not an Addiction: It’s a Supplement

In the morning I need a little help to wake up. I can’t even remember how long I have been hooked on coffee at this point but I cannot imagine my life without this stuff. I’ve gone through coffee maker after coffee maker, once content with just the most basic of machines but now as my craving for a good, steaming cup of joe has overtaken my need for a quick hit of caffeine I’ve begun to invest in better higher quality makers. Most recently I picked up one of the Bezzera coffee machines which has turned out to be a fairly impressive espresso maker.

I am definitely addicted. I remember when a regular cup of coffee was enough to get me going in the mornings but now? Woo! I can’t even begin to feel a regular cup – maybe four or five of them might be enough to get me through the morning commute. No, I need real coffee. I need that concentrated caffiene, pure espresso. I just couldn’t do with anything else which has been making me wonder whether or not I might just be having too much. Is there such a thing as too much coffee?

I exercise regularly as well as eat right. My one true vice can be said to be coffee. I just cannot do without it. Going a day or two without my magical elixir leaves me feeling like I’m drifting through a fog followed, usually, by a crippling headache. I know enough about addiction to realize that this is a symptom of such but when coffee does help me get my job done, why should I stop? It’s not like millions of people across the world don’t drink this stuff every single day. I know that I am not alone in my love for it.

07 Feb

I Hired Personal Security for Peace of Mind

I am a prominent lawyer and have been for many years. I have always done my best to serve my clients well and remain honest at the same time. If you do not have your integrity, you have very little in this world. I recently took on a tough case that has had a very high profile in the news throughout the country. As a result, I have had a number of people watching the case making threats to my life. I began looking into getting a bodyguard. I came across as website at after doing an extensive search, and really liked what I saw.

I should back up and point out that after finding the site, I did some checking to see if this company was reputable, and it turns out they are. They have been hired by a number of very large, well known companies to provide security. I needed someone who could spend their time with me in public to make sure that I stayed safe, and I needed that person to be reliable, on time and able to handle the job. I also wanted someone who I could pay to stay at my business during working hours in case anyone tried to make good on their threats at my law office. To put it simply, I needed to feel secure so that I could focus on my job for my clients without having to look over my shoulder in fear repeatedly.

After explaining exactly what I needed from them, they sent out an off-duty policeman to meet with me and they explained he was one of their best men. I could choose to have him armed or unarmed, but he suggested that he remain armed when with me at all times. On the way into the courthouse last week, someone tried to rush at me on the sidewalk outside the courthouse doors. This off-duty cop was vigilant and was able to take down the person so that I could get inside easily and without harm.