Monthly Archives: March 2015

01 Mar

Found a Really Nice Little House

I have just now got my stuff here, but I have not unpacked yet. This came up suddenly and it was a really good deal. The seller never even posted the house for sale and I sort of made a bit of it under the table. I do not have to explain that as it is something the IRS would not like much, but we worked out a deal where he ended up okay and I got a great deal. It needs a good deal of work and right now I am trying to find the high speed internet deals in this area. I could get wireless internet in the pace I was staying at. It was thirty bucks a month and I liked it okay, but it does not seem to be available right here. It seems odd, since I am about ten miles from where I was when I had it, but I am in a much more rural area.

The place is great for me. It is the perfect size and even though the yard is big, there is not that much to take care. I would guess that I could mow it in about forty five minutes and do the weed eating in around ten to twenty minutes at most. Of course in the Fall it is going to be another story, because the trees are every place and there are not a lot of evergreen type trees that would not be shedding leaves in the fall. So it is going to be a big pain to keep the leaves up. In fact I might get a riding mower just so I can rig it up to pick up leaves quickly. It is a sure thing that I will get tired of the leaves covering the yard right after I finish.