Monthly Archives: December 2015

17 Dec

They Helped My Daughter Save Her Home

When my daughter came to me not long ago in tears, my heart broke for her too. She had so much going on already with a divorce and raising two kids on her own, and now she was being threatened with foreclosure because she simply was not able to pay such a high mortgage. I wanted to help her, but I am also on a limited income. That did not mean I was completely helpless though. I did a search for foreclosure prevention in NYC and found a company that helps people like my daughter.

Sometimes, they are able to help people about to lose their homes so they don’t lose them, but that is not always the case. I was not sure what would happen with my daughter since she had so much going against her, and this company was able to give her a lot of support. The first thing they did was go over all of her options. She was positive that she would be able to make the payments shortly, but the finance company was not willing to talk with her. That changed when this company got involved though, and doors that were previously shut started to open for her.

It was not an easy few months by any means, but they did make her stronger. We have had so many changes, but the best one is that she did not lose her home thanks to the hard work of Be Good Management. They went above and beyond so she would be able to keep the kids in the only home they had ever known. I ended up moving in with her to help her out, and it also made it possible for her to eliminate child care expenses since I am a built in babysitter now. Things looked pretty bleak not long ago, but everything looks great now!

17 Dec

Now I Am Assistant Manager at a Hotel

In fact I just got started working at this hotel a couple of weeks ago, but it seems like the manager believes I am going to eventually be able to take care of the place when he is not here. I think that he has made a test of this takes. He was not very pleased with the bed bug removal services that he had hired. So he tasked me with the job of finding some company to do the job. In fact he did not tell me which one he was unhappy with, so there was a good chance that my search would lead me to the same conclusion that he had came to. In fact this is a pretty devilish problem, because if you do not get all of the bed bugs they can very quickly multiply and then they are all over your hotel. That is a disaster for you if you are running a hotel. No one is going to choose your place if they think that you have bed bugs and of course there are dozens of sites on the Internet which feature hotel reviews from people who have stayed in different places. Everyone is going to go to one or more of those sites before they take a trip these days. It is going to completely destroy your business if they are saying this about your hotel. So you have to be really proactive. Of course every visitor that checks in could be bringing some bed bugs with him. That is how they spread obviously. If the person is a professional traveler, then he is going to be going from one hotel to the next one. If one of the hotels has bed bugs, then he might infect a half dozen other places after it.