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05 Apr

Not Taking Care of Things Ruined My Daughter’s Vehicle

When my daughter came rushing into the house crying one day to tell me that two of our trees had fallen on her car over night, I was stunned. Our trees did not seem very big or like they would cause any problems, but they did. I looked for some Queens tree services to come help us out, and employees at one of them came over within and hour to survey the damage.

As a female, I just don’t know much about what types of things need to be done around the house like the men in my life always seemed to. For instance, I did not know that you should prune trees during a certain season every year to promote more lush growth on the tree and to keep it healthy, too. When I see a tree, they all look fine to me. But pros know how to look right at them and see what needs to be pruned because it will be a problem for the tree and you, if it’s not done. I wish I would have known that prior to my daughter’s car being damaged.

The guys who came over to look at the tree saw what the problem was right away, and they asked me when the last time was that I had any pruning done. I admitted that I never had it done in the 20 years that we had been living there. They explained that it should be done at least once every couple of years. Trees can become so big and unwieldy that they will not make it through even some small wind storms, causing trouble for your tree and your property. Considering that my daughter did not have full coverage insurance on her car and it was now totaled, they were very correct.