09 Nov

I Cannot Wait for Christmas

I am really looking forward to shopping in a few weeks. The reason why is because I was given a nice bonus on my last paycheck. It was completely unexpected, which makes it all the nicer. The size of the bonus was a bit staggering, because it was more than what I make in two months! I did pay a couple of bills off, but I knew that I wanted to look at the Black Friday online sales too. My son knows how tight money can be for us, so he does not ask for much at all.

I know that he has needed a new computer for a while now. He has been using one that my sister gave him three years ago, and it was several years old then. He has never asked for a new computer, but I knew that he would really appreciate it. Even with the nice bonus check, I would not have even considered getting him one if it wasn’t for all of the incredible deals that I can get online. The nice part about that is the stores are going to be in such competition with each other that I am not going to have any problems getting him something he can have for years to come.

I looked at the different stores that are expected to have some really great sales. I plan on looking at Amazon, Tiger Direct, Best Buy and a few others. I know that they are going to have some amazing prices on Black Friday because they are already starting their incredible sales before the Black Friday sales even begin. He is going to be so surprised when he opens up a box that he might think is clothes and finds a brand new computer instead. I cannot wait for Christmas now!

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