15 Nov

Mobile Banner Advertising Used in Niche Market Apps

I got an idea for an easy to use app for a niche market. At least I thought it was going to be a niche market. It turns out that there are a lot more people interested in the solution I put in my app than I thought there ever would be. Most apps seem to do extraordinary things. I found one that tweaks photos I take with my smartphone making them into showpieces. Now that app is actually free so how do I compete and earn money with my app? I added mobile banner advertising to my free to download app to help me earn a little bit. I wasn’t expecting much, but that is because I was not expecting so many people to actually download and use the app!

There are probably volumes of information out there telling you what you need to have in order to make an app people will like. If you are going to serve a niche market with your application, you can pretty much ignore everything the mega app makers are touting. You are making the app to serve a purpose even though it is for a small market. I underestimated just how many people would appreciate the app I made. (more…)

15 Nov

Archaic Models of Television Business

Suddenlink 'connects' with new partnerWith so few options for a cable service, it is no wonder that companies like Suddenlink are doing their best to survive in a market that is favorable to only those with the money to keep larger companies at bay. I have been growing increasingly angry over the years due to the fewer options that are available to us because it clearly shows that the industry is beginning to fail. It might be dying in the physical world as a service brought into our homes but on the Internet it is beginning to rapidly change, evolving nearly every day as new content is always being created.

I remember a time when Netflix was just a service that only sent DVDs to their customers homes which gradually began to evolve more toward a streaming service. (more…)

15 Nov

Best Prices Through Cox Cable Television

I just moved to Georgia, which is a state that I am not very familiar with. Well, I know that its biggest city is Atlanta, and that it is famous for peaches, but other than that, I do not know much about the state. I am going to be living here though, because the company that I work for, has reassigned me. I need to look into cox cable to see if they will have good deals for cable, and I am really hoping to get a package, or something like that, that will have all of the channels that I want.

I might also be interested in looking for a company that will both sell me television service and be my internet service provider as well. That would, at the least, be rather convenient. (more…)

12 Nov

When My Cable Company Started Nickel and Diming Me, I Switched to Satellite

Cable or satellite? I think just about every other commercial I see on TV is about that topic. Well, that and lawyers telling you how they can get money for you for everything from eating paint chips to space debris falling on your head. Okay, so the last one is not an ad . . . yet. In order to simplify my life and help me to be able to fast forward through more stupid commercials I went to http://satellitetelevisionpackages.com/directv-on-demand/ to see about getting satellite TV.

My first reason was that the On Demand TV series on my cable DVR makes me sit through the commercials. If I just record something, I do not have to endure that. However, my cable box can only record two shows at once. I have a wife and two kids and we need to record more shows at once. (more…)

13 Sep

The Necessity of Hiring a Quality Plumber

It seems hard to imagine anyone that does not know what a plumber is or what they do, but most people probably do not put much effort into thinking about the details. The bottom line is that while many people think plumbers are uneducated or unskilled, they are instead high qualified professionals that often work very hard to please their customers. This is, of course, assuming that you are able to find a quality plumber because there are many lesser alternatives out there that will not be so reliable. In fact, finding a proper plumber in Bergen County NJ can be much more complicated than anyone would probably assume.

It starts with pricing of course, as the budget for hiring a plumber can immediately eliminate some options due to financing issues. The key is to find a balance though, because the cheapest option is not necessarily the best. This is both true in terms of just getting quality, reliable service and the overall cost. The bottom line is that if a job is not done right the first time, it will likely incur future costs that can sometimes be even worse than the initial cost.

Beyond basic quality and competency, reliability and availability can also be very big issues. If a plumber has a huge wait time to get service then they will obviously not be suitable for emergency services, but may be adequate for regular maintenance or inspections. Of course reliability is important too because a plumber that overbooks his schedule may run into conflicts if a project ends up taking longer than expected. This can be truly disastrous and often results in subpar work, so sticking with someone that makes sure to focus on each job is important. Overall, the bottom line is that hiring a plumber is an investment so making sure the money is spent right is a key concern.

13 Sep

The Windchill Found in New Jersey

With Winter steadily approaching, it is time to start making a checklist to ensure that your home or apartment or condo is prepared for the onslaught of the cold that is going to show up unexpectedly, as it does every single year. This is why I choose a heating contractor in Hudson County NJ , if there is anyone who knows how to deal with a broken heater it’s these guys. I’ve lived in New Jersey for some time now and even after having lived in Louisville, Kentucky where the weather is pretty wild itself, New Jersey definitely has the more unique weather. (more…)

02 Sep

Got a Job Up Here in Wyoming

I just got up here this morning, spent a bit of time looking for some Cody Wyoming real estate. We are going to need a few things. I am looking for a place which is convenient to the highway and is zoned for commercial use, although I am guessing that people up here might not be all that strict about zoning for this sort of thing. We are basically going to need a place where we can safely park our equipment. I will have a large dump truck and a bull dozer on a big low boy. (more…)

08 Aug

Found a Really Nice Little House

I have just now got my stuff here, but I have not unpacked yet. This came up suddenly and it was a really good deal. The seller never even posted the house for sale and I sort of made a bit of it under the table. I do not have to explain that as it is something the IRS would not like much, but we worked out a deal where he ended up okay and I got a great deal. It needs a good deal of work and right now I am trying to find the high speed internet deals in this area. I could get wireless internet in the pace I was staying at. It was thirty bucks a month and I liked it okay, but it does not seem to be available right here. It seems odd, since I am about ten miles from where I was when I had it, but I am in a much more rural area.

The place is great for me. (more…)

03 Jul

Working on Getting My First House

I am just doing the homework at the moment, because I know that I will have a lot of stuff to learn before I am ready to buy the place. For now I have to pay down some debts and then work on the down payment that I need to save. After that you have to think about the incidental expenses that are added on to the cost of the house. For instance I am learning about home insurance at homeinsurance-deals.com and I know that it is one of the things that you need. In fact it seems as though you need that before you can have the house. (more…)

21 May

Getting the Best Deal on Tv and Internet

DirecTV Genie whole-home DVR reviewI am going to look around the internet and see what I can do to lower the total amount of money that I am spending on the stuff that is possible to dicker about with. Obviously there are a lot of things that are not really negotiable. You can not tell the landlord that you do not want to pay the full rent, or in my case it is the full mortgage payment. I am still getting used to that and I am looking to build back up a reserve. I think maybe I can switch to direct tv and save a good bit of money, at least in the short term. They always give you a good deal on one of those introductory offers, because you are only of use to them if they can get their foot in the door. Then that deal expires and they start trying to hit you up for a lot of costs exactly like the cable company would do to you.

Of course I could probably get the cable company to give me a better deal if I cried to them about their prices and made it look as though I would switch to another competing service. It is the same thing with them, they want to charge you two hundred dollars per month and they will do that if you let them, but they want to keep you on the hook for something. So if you cry a little or scream about the bill and convince them that you are giving them up, then they will sweeten the deal for you to retain your business. It is not like they can jack the prices back up on you if you have left them for a less expensive option. They want the ability to sneak some charge on you later.

19 Apr

Moving out to the Waterfront

I would not have thought about this before, but I found a somewhat odd place to live. It is a barge that has been converted into a home. It is tied up in a very calm little cove in between two docks it barely fits between. The thing is not perfect by any means, but for the price it is quite nice. I need to find some direct tv deals before football season, but that is about the only thing it lacks right now. The internet works just fine now. I already have a wireless internet service and I tested it down there, not a problem. So all I need is to get the TV hooked up to a satellite tv programming source. (more…)

03 Apr

With Wisdom and Foresight Comes Understanding

What is 5014 16th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY? A mail drop known as Check In ...The day that my grandmother moved into a senior home care in brooklyn ny was the day that I came to understand that no matter what sort of plans or goals we make as we age, life can throw us a curve ball when we least expect it even when we are older. No amount of wisdom or planning is going to allow for a sure proof way to plotting out a course for your life into your golden years. (more…)

09 Mar

The Paradigm Shift of Our Generation

Sign Up Log InThe Internet has become the reservoir the keeping of old information and the creation of the new. It is both an archive and the generator for content. I have long been fascinated by this relationship of the web and to see it culminate to where it is now is a fascinating moment to witness. With so much data now being made widely available for all to use, someone could just as easily look up obscure, esoteric Japanese pop culture as they could an electric company in hutto, Texas. Truly, this is a wonder of the world. No one thing that human kind has ever created has been able to offer all people so much hope, so much potential, so much raw information that we can utilize within the context of our lives however we might wish. (more…)

09 Mar

Forcing Competition Between Our Services

Finding yourself a utility company is easier now than ever before, especially here for those of us who call the Lone Star State their home. You know, as a recent transplant from Indiana, I was rather taken with some of these utility websites that I have come across in my search for an electric company in spring before I even moved here. I was just casually browsing like I usually do and I found a website (energyproviderstexas.com) which is one handy tool if I don’t say so myself! From here you can input your address which will harvest some data regarding the utility companies that serve the area as well as, get this, compare prices between those companies for you. (more…)

25 Feb

They Help Me More Than You Know

Stocks Just Broke Through To Their Highs Of The Day - http://forex ...I recently came across this money making method called penny stock. There wasn’t a lot out there, but the penny stock egghead reviews helped me to decide what I wanted to invest in. I just threw a few hundred onto my account to see what I could make of it. The first day I invested it all, a few of my investments came back slightly negative, but overal I made about twenty percent profit. In one day I was able to turn it all around, it is quite amazing if you think about it.

25 Feb

Great Service Bundles with Affordable Prices

It is commonly accepted that buying product in bulk results in discounts, whether you are shopping for groceries or school supplies. So does it not make sense that the same thinking would apply to services at your home too? With centurylink internet and phone services, it does exactly that and more, as this company provides some of the best bundle options on the market right now. What more could any customer ask for? Not only do you get the convenience of having all the services setup together and running smoothly at once, but you also get amazing discounts for staying loyal to the company. This may sound too good to be true, but the packages start as low as $19.95 per month with great speeds and unlimited nationwide calling. (more…)

24 Feb

Settling into the New Job

Just got to my new place of work yesterday morning, started getting used to the new job. I am really curious as to what is up with the girl they gave me for a secretary, she seems way too good to be true and it seems as though some other executive would have snagged her and held onto her. She was helping with my personal stuff in fact, like helping with the website where I need to sign up for Internet service. It is pretty vital in fact for me to get set up for that as soon as possible, because there is just going to be.

20 Feb

Burglary and Home Invasion Got Me Looking for Local Home Security Companies

I read the paper before going to work the other day and saw that there had been another burglary in the neighborhood. I had noticed two police cars in the driveway of a house a block away. I did not know who lived in that house since it was a rental property, and people move in and out a lot. The paper said that it may be the same thief that has been breaking into other homes in the neighborhood. I took some time during my lunch hour to look for a local home security company that could install a monitored alarm system on our home. I was hoping to get fire and burglary protection. I also was interested in having a couple of surveillance cameras added. One of the incidents in our neighborhood was actually a home invasion. The crooks broke in while the family was home. They were injured as well as having things stolen. (more…)

19 Feb

Internet and Phone Service for One Low Price

When I moved into my house a few years ago, I didn’t have any cable, Internet or phone packages. I have a smartphone, and I knew that I would be able to use it if I needed to access anything on the Internet. My finances improved not long ago, and I knew that I was finally ready to get these services. The first thing I wanted to do was find the most affordable internet service, because I knew I would be able to continue using my smartphone if I couldn’t afford to get a landline also. I also wasn’t too worried about getting cable, since I would be able to watch programming on my computer at home once the Internet was hooked up. (more…)

19 Feb

Moving Let Me Choose to Get Cable Internet

I had only moved down the road about a half mile from where I lived in the country. I did not notice it for the first few days of living there, but right there up on that telephone pole was that big silver wire. The wire is like an aluminum pipe with foam inside and a copper wire running down the middle. It is the main access for the Cable TV company that provides service. It is important because I did not have it where I used to live. I started looking for cable internet providers as soon as I got back in the house. I did not have everything hooked up yet at the new place. Seeing that cable wire was actually a bit of a surprise for me. I thought the cable only came out to the beginning of this road I live on. I had no idea it came halfway, or right to where I live now. (more…)

29 Jan

Exploring Singapore in a Rental Car

Bushwacker Rental by TiagoWhen I had the opportunity to go to Singapore for business, I was pretty excited mainly because I knew I would have some downtime there. Normally, I only stay somewhere for a couple of days, but this trip would last for nearly 10 days. I love to explore new areas, so I was anticipating this trip a lot because I had never been there before. After I made my hotel reservations, I did an online search for car rental in singapore. I had considered using a cab since I didn’t know my way around, but I knew that could get very costly, especially if I decided to explore all day long on my days off there.