21 Jan

Online Food Paradise in the Bronx

Marce's Sabor - Middletown | UrbanspoonI moved to the Bronx because it was closer to my parents, plus it put me nearly 15 minutes closer to work too. My folks are getting older, and they need more help around the house. Instead of exhausting myself by going there several times a week, I knew it would be more beneficial to all of us if I just got an apartment there. Once I got settled in, I did an online search for bbq in the bronx. I am a bit spoiled when it comes to food. I love it, but I don’t like preparing it for myself.

I eat out just about everyday, and I like to bring my folks some good food too so my mom can have a break from the kitchen now and again. What I found was an online food paradise for someone like me. I found an extensive list of restaurants and eateries in the Bronx area.

16 Jan

It Just Gets Worse and Worse

Sticky November 17, 2013 David Leave a commentThere are many times in our lives where we end up being in debt and just have no real way of getting out of it, there is help now though. There are many companies out there that are willing to help you with your science tuition by making your loans easier to pay back than ever. You just have to worry about school and when it is over they will sit down with you to figure out the best course of action to take. I know it seems rough, but in reality it is very hard to pay back a student loan on your own, it is especially hard to pay one back on the magnitude that most of them are taken out on. I mean there is just no feasable way to pay back eighty thousand dollars five years after graduation.

They really need to fix the way that loans work in the united states, every single student owes money to someone and they just end up worse off each year because they can’t get it done. Then to top it all off they start billing you right when you get out of school, they give you almost no time to find a job and just expect you to be able to jump right into your field of choice, well the reality of it is that you can’t really do that. It actually takes quite a bit of time to find a job after you graduate from college. I know that when I was there it took me almost two whole years to find a job after I got out, I never want to experience that again and feel sorry for those out there that do have to put up with this still. Every single year it gets worse and worse.

16 Jan

If I Had a Do Over, I Would Not Be Looking for a Cure for Herpes

Herpes Guide: Herpes Images - Neonatal herpes simplexThere are probably a lot of people looking for a cure for herpes. This is probably especially true since herpes comes in the type that causes cold sores, and the type that causes genital herpes. Most people who have cold sores have Herpes simplex 1. However, the form that often cause genital herpes can also cause cold sores. It is Herpes simplex 2. The strange thing, to me, is that Herpes simplex 1 can also cause the genital form of the disease.

Since I have herpes, I try to warn other people. I do not announce that I have the disease, I just share my knowledge if the subject comes up. I have actually heard people say they got rid of herpes. Well, that is not happening. You can get rid of the sores and possibly even never have another outbreak, but you still have the virus in your body. It just goes dormant hanging out along your nerve fibers waiting for an opportunity to cause another outbreak. Plus, you can still spread the disease even without any outbreaks.

04 Dec

Be Your Own Boss Now

I was thinking that I was going to be one of those people that was going to have to work for other people for the rest of my life. I did not want to do this as I have had many bosses that were rude and they did not treat me very well. I knew that I was going to have to open some type of franchises so that I could actually work for myself and not have to answer to another person.

01 Aug

Get Loyalty, Have Weekly Promotions

brandconnect.com.au products promotional sydney, is one of the biggest promotional distributors in the australia area. Not only do they tell people about all of the upcoming promotions they actually help to make and design the promotions. They figure out what people actually want and they go ahead and tailor the promotions straight at people so they are more likely to take part. For example if there was just a promo for a hat from another restaurant obviously people are not going to need another hat so that is not really going to entice them to come in and try a new restaurant, but if you offered them something like a free appetizer than they might come in and try the whole meal if they like what they got. It will not cost the restaurant much, especially if the person ends up ordering a full meal.