04 Nov

The Birds Needed a New Bathroom Area

I didn’t mind the birds that used to frequent the roof ledges of my building. What I did mind though was the constant droppings that they would do on the sidewalk in front of my business. The last thing a store owners wants is for a customer to have to walk through a maze of bird droppings. I have even had an unfortunate customer or two become targets for the bird droppings. When that happened, I knew that I had to find a company that handles bird control in New Jersey. Even though I didn’t mind the birds, I cannot say the same thing went through my customer’s heads.

I made sure both of the customers that happened to were compensated in a way that would make them return to the store, and I also assured them that I was going to contact a company that handles bird issues like these. Thankfully, both of the women had a great sense of humor, but I was still thankful when I found the company that was the answer to my bird problem. When I read about the problems with birds on their site, I was surprised because I was only thinking about one issue, which was just the unsightliness of their droppings.

I was not considering that their droppings are breeding ground for so many diseases. I was more convinced than ever that I had to do what I could to make sure that the birds stopped doing their business right at my business’s front door, and this company guaranteed that they would be able to make a difference. They kept up their end of the deal by installing bird nets and spikes. This is no way hurt the birds, but it did mean that they were no longer using my property as their personal bathroom.

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